Oil and Gas Revenue

All revenues received from production are deposited into a special segregated revenue distribution account. The account is used solely for the receipt and disbursement of production revenues and operating expenses and is not commingled with the general funds of Blue Flame Energy. The Energy Group, Inc. (our administrative services provider) makes monthly distributions of net revenues from the office in Illinois.

The distribution month generally reflects a 75-day lag behind the actual production month. For example, well interest owner payment and statement for natural gas produced during May will be mailed out mid-August. This 75-day lag encompasses the time it takes purchasers to pay us (+/- 60 days) and how long it takes us to confirm receipts, pay bills and distribute proceeds for our +/- 225 wells.


To better serve our customers and streamline corporate information processing, all Revenue Distribution and customer service functions take place through the Illinois office.  For customer service inquiries regarding revenue distribution matters, please contact Marie Klanang or Anna Arcuri at the location listed below:

The Energy Group, Inc.
P.O. Box 364
Palatine, IL 60078
847-836-2000 – Phone
847-836-9448 – Fax
E-mail – energy@energyvest.com

We serve over one thousand et al interest owners who participate in the +/- 225 wells under management.  When making inquiries please reference the five digit owner number shown at the top of your statement to help us more quickly access your account information.  You are the customer.  We appreciate your business.  Call us anytime.

Thank you.

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